During Lockdown, Fit Cordaway Blind Cord Safety Devices.

With the re-imposing of Stage 3 ‘Stay at home’ Lockdown restrictions, it’s opportune to consider the safety of your home for young children, toddlers and their older siblings will now be spending much of their time indoors. Blind Cords are dangerous and often not noticed until too late. Every year young children here in Australia and worldwide become trapped in internal blind cords. Sadly, a number are strangled and die. Those who survive often suffer life-long disabilities.

Blind cord safety

With older children at home from school now for an extended period, the danger is accentuated. Recommended ‘safety cleats’ are simply inadequate. They do not accept the full length of the cords and when utilised leave the cords exposed and open to young hands to unwind. Older children often do not recognise the danger to younger children and leave cords unwound, dangling dangerously.

Cordaway is a purpose designed safety device that accepts the full length of the blind cords and then enclose them with a snap-on cover. It’s simple, it works. Place the device 1.6 m from the floor, store the cords, place on the cover.
In this day and age there are many distractions. None of us are super-parents. Cordaway provides a FAILSAFE solution to what is effectively a potentially fatal hazard in your home. For those who claim they managed without incident, you didn’t have televisions and computers blaring in every second room, your home was small by today’s standards and children spent more time outdoors.
Don’t delay. Install Cordaway in high traffic areas – Living rooms, bedrooms, sunrooms and kitchens. A single unit costs $9.60 plus postage and if you purchase more than 5 you get a discount – $8.60 plus postage. Simple, easy to install. All you will need is an electric drill, the rest is provided in the pack. It’s a small price to pay for peace of mind. Click on the ‘Shop Now’ button or go to the Cordaway website and select Shop.

Cordaway is a sensible, inexpensive Safety device. With literally millions of corded blinds in use around Australia, don’t take the risk. Be assured of real safety for your children and grandchildren. Forget about ‘cutting cords’ and being the A1 best parent with your eyes on your children 24/7. We know that’s not true. Take precautions and ensure a safe home for your children.

Cordaway - Simple, Effective, Safe.
The Safety Device that works.

To be Kid-Safe, it’s really simple.

Fit a Cordaway Blind Cord Safety Device and ensure real safety for your family.