Blind Cord tragedy strikes in Italy during COVID-19 Lockdown

Recently we spoke of the dangers of blind cords to young children within the household during the COVID-19 Lockdown. Unfortunately this type of tragedy has already occurred during the lockdown in Italy. It’s simply devastating.

However such tragedies are entirely preventable with the Cordaway device installed. Placed 1.6m from the floor, secured to the window architrave or adjacent wall, the Cordaway device will accept and safely store the entire length of any internal blind cord. A snap-on cover ensures the cord is out of reach of inquisitive little hands.

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This three-year-old boy has tragically died after becoming caught in a curtain cord and suffocating whilst playing around in his home in lockdown in Italy.

A three-year-old boy has died after becoming caught in a curtain cord and suffocating while playing around in his home during Italy’s coronavirus lockdown.

The accident happened in the Monreale area of the city of Palermo, in the south-western Italian region of Sicily.

The parents of the little boy, who was identified as Agostino Mario Prestidonato, were watching TV in the living room while he was playing in his bedroom, police said.

The boy slipped, hitting a shelf and becoming caught in the curtain cord, newspaper La Repubblica reported.

His father, Antonio Prestidonato, found the boy unconscious.

Emergency services were called but the youngster was dead when they reached him, reportedly from suffocation.

Prosecutors are investigating but believe the incident was an accident.

“My little angel you flew away tonight,” the boy’s father wrote on social media alongside a picture of his son.


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File image of Ostia residents during a musical flash mob to shown their gratitude to health workers.


“You left us with a deafening silence. I am sure you will be holding hands with my dad and that you are smiling there.”

Monreale mayor Alberto Arcidiacono said: “Monreale has lost a son.

“There are no words to describe what happened. Only questions that cannot be answered.

“The community feels a huge pain but they are not allowed to meet with the family.”

The mayor reportedly wants to decree a period of mourning in the municipality.

Due to the coronavirus lockdown, people in Italy are not allowed to attend funerals.

According to the latest figures from the Johns Hopkins University, Italy has registered 181,228 cases of COVID-19, and 24,114 deaths.



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