Be Safe – USE CORDAWAY – Blind Cords Are Lethal!

Blind cords are lethal


Blind Cords – the type attached to internal window blinds – Venetians, Roman and others – are potentially lethal to toddlers and young children. A simple loop entanglement and in under a minute, a child has died. Safety Devices on all such blinds are mandatory in all States of Australia. Cordaway is the most effective such safety device on the market. It’s also cheap, easy to fit and operate.

Over the last few months, many people on our posts have suggested cutting the cords, ‘watching’ the children or replacing the blinds. For the majority of people in these difficult times replacement is just too expensive. Cutting the cords simply means you lose functionality. Add to this many properties are in fact rentals where these blinds are fitted. And today children spend far more time indoors – playing video games, using devices and watching Television.
Consumer Affairs and the ACCC recommend the use of ‘cleats’ – small double-sided plastic hooks, on which to wind the excess cord at 1.6m above floor level. The reality is that the cord remains exposed and can be easily unwound by an older child.

Cordaway provides sufficient storage to accept the full length of the blind cords then it is covered by a snap-on lid. It is virtually childproof. Why take the risk? In less than a minute a toddler can suffer permanent brain damage if entangled.
This is not being overdramatic. Each year here in Australia, in Britain, in the USA, in fact worldwide children die due to strangulation, due to blind cords. Google it – it’s horrific, the statistics are appalling.

These days you wouldn’t place your toddler on the front seat of your car and secure them with an adult seat belt. You’d buy a safety rated car seat, place it in the rear and position it effectively to provide maximum protection for your child.
Do the same with blind cords. FIT CORDAWAY.


For $9.60 you will achieve peace of mind and genuine safety and protection for your children. FIT CORDAWAY on all windows where children are active.


Cordaway - Simple, Effective, Safe.
The Safety Device that works.

To be Kid-Safe, it’s really simple.

Fit a Cordaway Blind Cord Safety Device and ensure real safety for your family.