Cordaway Blind Cord Safety Unit

Cordaway Blind Cord Safety Unit

About Cordaway and Blind Cord Safety

Finally a device has been developed to truly ensure the safety of your children around window and blind cords. Simple, elegant and most importantly tamper proof for children, the Cordaway Safety Device is a genuine attempt to create real surety for you and for your family in your home. It only takes 15 seconds for a child to lose consciousness and 2 minutes for that child to be brain dead.

In the USA, this issue is such a problem that in one instance over 50 million blinds were recalled. An average of one child per month dies from window cord strangulation there according to the relevant American Safety Body – the Consumer Product Safety Commission. Children who survive often suffer permanent brain damage or quadriplegia. In Australia at least one or two children a year die from blind cord strangulation.

Cordaway provides manufacturers and retailers a safe, well engineered, simple product. It has been designed by industry specialist Graeme Andersen who owns and operates a large window installation business working in the building and construction industry, based in Melbourne but operating nationally and in New Zealand.

The Cordaway product is designed and packaged to be added as a Safety Device supplied complimentarily by Manufacturers of window blinds (internal) ensuring a failsafe safety application on every unit sold.